Powerful North Sea wind farm in the making

North Sea, in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) around 95 kilometres North-West of the island of Borkum
22.6 square kilometres
Water depth
Approximately 40 metres
Grid connection capacity
269 megawatts
Approximately 1.1 billion kilowatt hours per year, sufficient to supply 328,000 households
CO2 savings
740,000 tonnes per year
33 turbines of type V164-8.4 MW MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, including the pilot project with two turbines on Mono Bucket foundations
Rated output of turbines
8.4 megawatts
Rotor diameter
164 metres
Start of construction
Summer 2018
Scheduled commissioning
Second half of 2019
Approximately 1.4 billion Euros
Northland Power Inc.
September 2019
All 31 monopile foundation turbines have been commissioned.
August 2019
All 31 monopile foundation turbines are installed.
June 2019
The first of 33 x 8.4 MW wind turbines was successfully installed.
June 2019
The installation and testing campaign for over 40 kilometres of internal cable was completed.
May 2019
Cable laying has been completed ahead of schedule.
May 2018
BSH grants permit for the pilot project.
September 2017
Northland Power engages K2 Management for project management throughout the construction phase.
August 2017
Van Oord Offshore Wind Germany GmbH is commissioned to act as the general contractor responsible for the design, procurement, manufacturing and installation of the Balance of Plant. This includes all trades on the wind farm apart from the turbines, i.e. the foundations, offshore substation and inter-array cabling. The individual components will be manufactured by sub-contractors.
August 2017
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Germany GmbH wins the order to construct and install the turbines of type V164-8.4 MW as well as a 15-year maintenance and service contract.
June 2017
The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany (BSH) approves the amended application for the offshore wind farm “Deutsche Bucht”.
March 2017
Northland Power Inc. acquires the rights to the 269 MW wind farm Deutsche Bucht.
December 2016
The Federal Grid Agency (BNetzA) assigns an additional capacity of 16.8 megawatts to the Deutsche Bucht wind farm for two pilot turbines on Mono Bucket foundations.
February 2010
The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany (BSH) approves the offshore wind farm “Deutsche Bucht”.

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