Deutsche Bucht is Canada-based independent power producer Northland Power’s third offshore wind farm. The offshore wind project is located in the North Sea, more than 100 kilometres from the mainland in the German Exclusive Economic Zone. The consistently high winds in the region provide an optimal energy yield. The wind farm uses one of the most powerful offshore turbines currently available – MHI Vestas’ 8.4 MW. Approximately 1 billion kilowatt hours of climate-friendly electricity are forecasted to be generated per year. This is enough to meet the needs of approximately 300,000 households.

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31 March: Northland Power's Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm achieves full project completion. The press release is available here.

Wind farm Deutsche Bucht

Renewable energy from the North Sea

The offshore wind farm covers 22.6 square kilometres, and comprises 31 turbines with a grid connection capacity of 252 megawatts.

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Important facts and milestones for the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm.

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Important Data

22.6 square kilometres – depth of water approximately 40 metres – 31 turbines with a rated output of 8.4 megawatts – 252 megawatt grid connection capacity – 1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity forecast per year.


The wind farm is situated over 100 kilometres from the German mainland, 95 kilometres North-West of the island of Borkum inside the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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